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Windows XP
Setup microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.setup microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.setup microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.setup microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.setup
Applications microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.applications microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.applications microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.applications microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.applications
Hardware microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.hardware microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.hardware microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.hardware microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.hardware
Multimedia microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.multimedia microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.multimedia microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.multimedia microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.multimedia
Networking microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.networking microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.networking microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.networking microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.networking
Registry microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.registry microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.registry microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.registry microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.registry
Sonstiges microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.sonstiges microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.sonstiges microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.sonstiges microsoft.public.de.german.windowsxp.sonstiges

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